Instant help for impact assessment

We assess the actual impact of operation against the desired and undesired impact in real time, and present the actual impact as visual dashboard.
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Monitoring service
for impact tracking

We create a model of required evidence factors/data and gather the data. In parallel we deliver a model for monitoring the data by viewing an online dashboard.

We also operate the service.

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Social impact assessment service

First we create a data model of the target domain and make a design of the dahsboard where we present the results of the assessment. After the dashboard content is agreed we gather the required data and deliver the agreed dashboard content with required data.

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Social impact management service

We deliver a social impact assessment but not only the assessment results. We deliver also a list of proposed improvement actions. Then we help to perform the actions and after the they are completed we repeat the social impact assessment.

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The need for Valoa Impact

Private business and development cooperation increasingly operates in enviroments characterized by uncertainty and fragility. Fragility exists to varying degrees in all countries and will continue to exacerbate geopolitical uncertainty and instability for the foreseeable future. Therefore, there is a growing need for private and public sectors as well as intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations for analysing, monitoring and managing the economic, social and environmental consequences of business and aid activities, both positive and negative, independently of the intentionality of the activity.

Currently, available data on social impact investment is very limited. The accessibility and disclosure of performance of aid community as well as of impact investment is very limited. Extractive industries too demonstrate a low integration of social information, often considered too complex. More importantly, the reporting on impact has not yet tapped into the development of digital information systems. The analysis of outcomes and impact relies studies that rely on the same evidence collection and analysis that was done in the nineties, without utilising possibilities available to us with today’s service design and technology.